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Welcome ! 

As a part of Micronet’s continuous effort to enhance our products and our support experience, Micronet is thrilled to release a dedicated Support Help Desk and Micronet's Knowledge base.

The Help Desk portal will allow customers to create tickets for all inquiries, bug reports and monitor correspondence between the teams more efficiently. 

The Knowledge base will provide customers an interface to review all documentation and articles along with accessing Micronet's File sharing website. The Knowledge base is structured in two verticals, namely, Article base and File Sharing. 

Micronet's File Sharing site can be accessed by logging in to Micronet's website, with company's credentials. 

Micronet's SDK, Documentation, and Tools can be downloaded from Micronet's File sharing site. The site information includes but is not limited to: 
      - Product Documentation,
      - Operating Systems & Release notes, 
      - API's, and, 
      - Tools and Services. 
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    • How to Fix ADB USB Issues

      When using a SmartHub or SmarTab there are a few things you can check to verify that ADB USB is working. First, you must install the ADB drivers and follow the instructions in this article: ...
    • Best Practices for Micronet Products

      TREQ317 - Make sure to use a USB Hub when connecting an A317 to the USB port on a PC. This is because the A317 can draw too much current from the PC's USB port and fry internal components of a laptop or desktop. Make sure the A317 has an external ...
    • How to Update the Underdash OS

      Flashing the Underdash OS The Micronet Underdash OS can be updated in one of three ways: Fastboot Delta (MLD) Files OTA with RedBend NOTE: All three of these methods will perform a factory reset on the device. All applications and data will be ...
    • How to Update the Underdash MCU and FPGA

      Flashing the Underdash MCU & FPGA The Micronet Underdash MCU & FPGA can be updated in two ways: Delta (MLD) Files OTA with RedBend NOTE: These methods will perform a factory reset on the device. All applications and data will be erased. Delta (MLD) ...
    • Basic ATS information

      ATS is a service that allows Android applications to communicate with vehicle hardware.  Originally, ATS stood for "A-317 Telematics Service," but its functionality was expanded to the SmartHub.  ATS is configured using an xml file and uses implicit ...