3G Sunset Handling on TREQ317 LTE Models

3G Sunset Handling on TREQ317 LTE Models

As per the AT&T 3G Sunset: Product Change Notification from Telit, certain changes need to be made on the existing modems to ensure they are able to connect to the network smoothly. This can be done either by updating the modem firmware on the device or by running an AT command.

Firmware Configuration Update Requirement

Send an AT command, AT+CEMODE=2, to update the UE usage setting in the cellular module.

This command could be implemented through an Android apk. This application can either be an independent/standalone application or it can be implemented as a part of a service in the application deployed. 

Sample Application for Reference


The LTE modem updater app can be referenced as an example of an Android application that can establish communication with the modem and send AT commands as required for the modem configuration change.

Hint: Updater.java line 458

Best Practices

Please ensure that when the AT command is executed, no other applications are running. 
After the AT command is sent, the modem can be restarted by followed reboot. 

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