How to access the portal and submit tickets?

How to access the portal and submit tickets?


Accessing the Help Desk Portal

First-time users are required to sign up on the portal with the user’s work email address and name in the form as shown below. This would trigger a pending request which will be taken care by Micronet’s support team.

After creating an account, the user can continue to use their account credentials and monitor their requests on the new portal. Users could log in to their accounts by entering their email address and login password as shown below: 
For any support or technical questions, feature requests, bug reports, training, and all other inquiries, customers can submit tickets from your respective accounts. 

A ticket could be submitted through the ‘Submit a Ticket’ module on the portal or by emailing us at

Once you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your message. As we start working on the item, you will continue to receive imperative updates accordingly. 

The help desk portal allows customers to be a part of the community. Micronet publishes announcements and notifications through the community forum. It will be in your best interest to follow the community page for updates. 
Community - Overview

This new process is a company wide best practice, and it’s the best way to guarantee prompt service. If you don’t submit a ticket, the process may take longer, and your team would not be able to track and monitor the ticket status.

We understand that some support issues can slow you down. This new process helps us address your requests faster with greater efficiency. It also allows us to be proactive, prevent problems before they happen and resolve requests more quickly. 

Thank you, 
Micronet Support

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