Micronet RMA Policy 12-04-18

Micronet RMA Policy 12-04-18

RMA – Return Material Authorization

  Before requesting an RMA, please carefully review the instructions below:

To facilitate the RMA request process, Micronet provides a standard RMA form to be filled out Online or Offline for submission to the Micronet Service Department. By submitting the RMA form, our customers notify us about problems experienced with products, perhaps necessitating repair or replacement. Following receipt of the RMA request, Micronet provides the customer with the suggested action(s) to be taken before sending the equipment.

All details are essential; therefore, you are kindly requested to fill out all mandatory fields without any exceptions.

RMA Confirmation

After troubleshooting has been completed and it is determined the item needs to be returned to Micronet for

further evaluation and RMA number will be created. This is considered Micronet’s receipt of approval for repair. The RMA number and shipping instructions are created and issued by Micronet’s Service Department and emailed or provided by phone to the customer.

Delivery Procedure

  • Pack equipment in such a way that it is well-protected from any possible damage.
  • Try to minimize the number of packages (one is preferable) and ship (all) package(s) in the same dispatch.
  • The following paperwork MUST be enclosed with the package in such way that it will be accessible and noticeable from the outside:
    • RMA confirmation
    • RMA application/s.

  • For International shipments: A proforma invoice describing the content of the package - along with the serial numbers - including each item’s estimated value for customs, stating clearly that this is “Value for Customs Only.”

Mark the package(s) “FRAGILE – HANDLE WITH CARE” and ensure that it is resistant to physical wear and tear and to potential water damage.

Important Note: Do not use paper to pad the package unless the units are wrapped in bubble wrap.

Repair Procedure & Return Shipment

  • You will be notified in a timely manner once the shipment has arrived at Micronet.
  • Upon its arrival, your equipment will be thoroughly examined and inspected in order to diagnose all possible faults.
  • If relevant, a quotation of the repair estimate will be issued.
  • Next, the customer should approve the repair estimate quotation.
  • Once the repair has been approved, Micronet will repair the units. Upon completion, the equipment will be rechecked and retested to ensure proper functionality.
  • You will be notified should the repair costs exceed the original estimate (per unit) by more than 25%. A revised quotation will be sent for your approval.
  • Once the repair is completed, the equipment will be packed and returned to you. Unless other arrangements are made, the RMA item is returned via Micronet courier partner service.
  • You will be notified of the relevant shipment details (shipment date, tracking number and courier details) via e-mail.
  • Kindly note that following the above-mentioned RMA guidelines and procedures will help ensure a smooth, hassle-free, timely and satisfactory RMA experience.

When requesting an RMA, please complete the online “RMA Request Form” under the “RMA” tab here. Alternatively, download the RMA Excel spreadsheet attached to this article by clicking the “Micronet-RMA-Form-Template” and then return the completed form in Excel format via email to: RMA@micronet-inc.com

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